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tell it anyway

May 7, 2015

Kate Flanagan pulls a “Carrie”, Jennie Josephson comes to blows with Effing Mittens, and Tom Merritt shatters his nice-guy image. Nooooooooo!!!


Show Notes:

Form: The 3fer: Three people, three stories, one theme and let’s see if they connect.

Theme: That Time I Was The Villain…and didn’t realize ’til later.

The music: Our opening and closing music is a selection from “Unlocked Door” used by permission of Alex Cook. Thank you Alex!

If you want to hear the complete songs, check out Alex Cook’s bandcamp page and his website Stonebalancer

An amazing thing happened this week where we were having a hard time finding music that was as good as last week’s music, even with all the bountiful options at the Free Music Archive.  So just on a whim, I searched available songs from the two artists we featured last week and BAM:

Jason Karaban’s “Low Road” is so perfect for our show this week. This is an artist who has been creating beautiful music for years, and I just discovered it last week. Love when that happens. Check out his bandcamp page and go get those songs!

The incredibly talented Toussaint Morrison closes out Kate Flanagan’s tale of villainy with “Hulk“. It’s a incredible song.

and Benji Cossa‘s Pussycat sounds like it was written for Fucking Mittens. It’s a great song and you should check it out!

Storytellers: Jennie Josephson, Tom Merritt, & Kate Flanagan

Part One: Kate Flanagan “Most Likely To Host Bloopers & Practical Jokes”

Part Two:  Jennie Josephson “Fucking Mittens Comes To Town”

Part Three: Tom Merritt “Like A Girl”

Behind the story: 

This one was so great, even if it did sound a little Skype-y.

Thanks to our brand new patrons for their support! Thanks to the Storybackers and special thanks to the Starting Story Lineup: Patrick Kohn, John H. Maloney, Patrick Wolfe, Chimaera, Greg Skinner, and Jeffrey Zylks!